Winterthur, Switzerland

When: March 1, 2017

Where: School of Applied Linguistics, Room SM O1.01, Theaterstrasse 15c, 8401 Winterthur, Switzerland

Topic: Red T: A vision for protecting translators & interpreters

ZHAW<br> Winterthur, Switzerland

Linguistic diversity is a hallmark of Switzerland. That is why it’s particularly fitting for Red T to present its advocacy work on behalf of linguists at risk to the students and faculty at ZHAW’s School of Applied Linguistics. What’s more, we are excited that this awareness-raising is happening practically in our own backyard; Winterthur, the site of the talk, is near the hometown of our founder, Maya Hess. Please join us and learn all about Red T’s vision for protecting translators and interpreters worldwide.

Our sincere thanks go to Prof. Dr. Michaela Albl-Mikasa from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting for organizing the event. We are also grateful to Florian Fäs, Co-Founder of Slator, for the pro bono announcement in the Slator Language Industry Intelligence newsletter: https://slator.com/event/red-t-vision-protecting-translators-interpreters/