Why is our mission to protect translators and interpreters so critical?
They don't just translate terrorism chatter...

They find the smoking gun
They don't just interpret in conflict zones...

They build bridges to peace
They don't just interpret at trials...

They facilitate the administration of justice

But from conflict zone to courtroom, they are at risk.

Linguists working for the military are kidnapped, tortured and beheaded as traitors; prison camp translators are prosecuted as spies; court interpreters receive death threats; fixers accompanying journalists are persecuted for doing their job; and literary translators are incarcerated for what some consider controversial content. The simple practice of their profession makes thousands of them vulnerable to loss of life, limb and liberty.

That is why
Red T:
for translators and interpreters at risk
coalitions with national and international language associations to amplify the mission
injustices and rights violations worldwide
safety guidelines together with its strategic partners
policies and laws beneficial to translators and interpreters
to obtain a UN resolution protecting civilian linguists in conflict situations
(similar to Resolution 1738, which focuses on the safety of journalists)
for specific recognition of translators and interpreters in the Geneva Conventions
for an instrument governing private language contractors comparable to the Montreux Document
topical reports and
academic articles that
spotlight the cause

Download our “Specialized Harm” report here: LINK