Keynote at 65th Anniversary of UNIVERSITAS Austria / ITD
Vienna, Austria

When: October 4, 2019

Where: House of the European Union, Wipplingerstraße 35, 1010 Vienna

Topic: Red T in Action

Keynote at 65th Anniversary of UNIVERSITAS Austria / ITD <br>Vienna, Austria

Red T’s Maya Hess had the privilege of keynoting at UNIVERSITAS Austria’s joint 65th anniversary conference/International Translation Day celebration. This milestone event commemorated not only decades of UNIVERSITAS’s progressive leadership of the linguist community in Austria but also its commitment to human rights beyond the country’s borders. We are extremely grateful for the resounding support of the Red T cause extended by the association’s president, Dagmar Jenner, and its members.


UNIVERSITAS Austria President Dagmar Jenner poses with Hahnsi, the association’s rooster mascot, prior to opening the conference.


The conference featured many interesting speakers from around the world, among them Prof. Eleanor Cornelius from South Africa, who discussed risk management in translation; Reina Bettendorf from Panama and Alison Rodriguez from Australia/New Zealand, who spoke on indigenous languages and translation; and the head of Friedl & Partner (the ad agency that created UNIVERSITAS Austria’s Hahnsi campaign), who elaborated on self-marketing for translators and interpreters. The program concluded with a panel discussion on T/I associations today and in the future.