• When translating news lands you in prison
    To suppress freedom of the press, some regimes arrest, prosecute and imprison translators
  • When staying incognito is paramount to staying alive
    Interpreters in war zones must wear masks to avoid being kidnapped, tortured and killed
  • When interpreting for journalists puts you in the cross hairs
    Targeted by state and non-state actors, interpreters face the fallout from controversial stories

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A deadly errand

POSTED ON July 11 th, 2018

In an attempt to disrupt a NATO counter-insurgency in the summer of 2010, the Taliban kidnapped six interpreters as they shopped for fruit in a bazaar. A day later, all six were found decapitated, their tongues cut out and their heads placed on their chests. There was a note pinned to one man’s body that read: “The same fate awaits all those who work for infidels.”