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Translators and interpreters can be found in every setting, from boardroom to courtroom, from prison to war zone. And their interactions in these venues often involve differences of culture, ideology, and faith. But while T&Is as private individuals may hold certain views, T&Is as working professionals must remain as objective as possible and serve only as facilitators of communication.

Similarly, Red T serves as a facilitator of communication between the public and T&Is by speaking out about issues involving T&Is. More importantly, our public statements are independent of any associated controversies. While we draw attention to news and events relating to linguists in conflict zones, we do not take a position on the larger issues surrounding the conflicts themselves. While we report on asylum and legislation within various nations, we do not promote any particular system of government or law. And while we encourage awareness of topics relevant to T&Is around the world, we do not endorse any specific political opinion, agenda, party, or administration. Red T's values stand solely for the furthering of human rights by helping T&Is stand up for those rights.

As we state on our About page, Red T embraces all people, linguists and non-linguists alike, regardless of professional affiliations, educational level, nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, and/or religion. It is our belief that social justice and safety for everyone, everywhere, can only be achieved by putting such distinctions aside.

Posted on July 30th, 2011